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Created by Frolic Sidekicks
Written By: Shayna Strype, Claire Sabatine, Andrew Duff & Nicole Zimmerer
with creative contributions from Julliette Holliday, Jason Vance, Fernando Moya Delgado, Joanna Stone and Phase 1 Participants

Show Concept by Claire Sabatine 

Presented by:
Trusty Sidekick Theater Company
Jumping Jack Theater
The Rose Theater

Psst… have you heard? The bloom is back — it’s time to play! Frolic is meant to spark fun in a sensory-friendly space created for and with neurodivergent audiences ages 5 and up and their families.

Welcome to the Garden Club! Grow small with Phoebe the Gardener and her pal Lionel the Glow Worm as they travel from her backyard oasis to a magical garden. Together, we play our way through the four seasons as we glide with Rafael the Butterfly, hop with Eugene the Frog, march with Ash the Ant, and sing with Dot the Ladybug.

Building on Trusty Sidekick’s deep history of working in sensory theater, we’ve crafted an immersive experience that includes music, dance, puppetry, and pure play. Led with a mixture of song and non-verbal cues, our audience are transported to a place where there is no wrong way to play.

Frolic is a co-production by Trusty Sidekick Theater Company, Jumping Jack Theater and The Rose Theater.

  • Run Dates Mar 27 - Apr 7, 2024
  • Appropriate Ages 5+
  • Duration 60 minutes
  • Ticket Price $5 per person. Limited seating available.
    Tickets available by calling The Rose Box Office at (402) 345-4849. Not available online.


  • Rafael the Butterfly – Fernando Moya Delgado
  • Dot the Ladybug – Julliette Holliday 
  • Phoebe the Gardner/Lionel the Glow Worm – Claire Sabatine
  • Ash the Ant – Joanna Stone
  • Eugene the Frog – Jason Vance

Artistic/Production Credits

  • Project Lead/Director – Shayna Strype
  • Project Lead – Claire Sabatine
  • Project Lead/ Sensory Theater Director – Andrew Duff
  • Environment Designer – Nic Benacerraf
  • Choreographer – Fernando Moya Delgado
  • Lighting Designer – Alexandra Dhemming
  • Props and Puppets – J Hann
  • Costumes – Natalie Loveland
  • Associate Environment Designer – Xinan Helen Ran
  • Composer/Musician – Jason Vance
  • Assistant Composer, Dramaturg  – Julliette Holliday
  • Sound Designer – Shayna Strype

Production Staff

  • Executive Creative Producer, Trusty Sidekick – Leigh Walter
  • Stage Manager – Taryn Uhe
  • Production Manager – Jaimie Van Dyke
  • Associate Production Manager – Kyle Parker Daniels
  • Creative Producer, Director of Production, Trusty Sidekick – Frankie Alicea
  • Creative Producer, Outreach and Communications, Trusty Sidekick – Marty Allen
  • Creative Producer, Schools, Trusty Sidekick – Julliette Holliday
  • Company Manager, Trusty Sidekick – Samantha Leigh

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