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Playscape: A Rose Teens 'N' Theater Production

Each year, The Rose Theater’s high school interns offer a unique, ambitious production showcasing their talents as well as an exciting story from the diverse world of theater for young audiences.

In this interactive, completely improvised storytelling experience, young people with big imaginations can work together with a team of animated actors to build a tale of adventure right on the spot. Actors and audience members alike become the characters, settings and complications that make a fantastic tale come to life! PlayScapers can go anywhere our imaginations can soar (and still be back in time for dinner)!

Location: Rose Theater Downtown
Performances September 14 at 7 pm, September 15 at 5 pm, September 16 at 11 am

  • Run Dates Sept 14-16, 2023
  • Appropriate Ages 5+
  • Duration 60 minutes

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Playscape: A Rose Teens 'N' Theater Production Photo

Watch PLAYSCAPE 2020’s Zoom performance: