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Incident Report

Anti-Racism/Diversity Statement: Recognizing that anti-racist work is the primary work to make a better world, The Rose joyfully and boldly commits to co-creating an equitable future with young people. We promise to do this by using theater as a bridge that connects us all. 

In an effort to reduce harm, create accountability, and correct behavior, we encourage our community to report all incidents of racism, discrimination, and harassment. Each incident will be reviewed by The Rose’s Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee, to ensure that appropriate actions are taken. Employees of The Rose should additionally consult the policies and procedures, including the policies and procedures for reporting harassment and discrimination, set forth in the company handbook. 

Reporters may have been directly involved in or witness to an event. Reporters may remain anonymous if they wish, but please keep in mind that this will prevent us from following up with you directly.

You will receive a response to this report within two days.

Responses can take one/more of three forms:

  1. The EDIA committee leaders will work with you on a restorative justice process.
  2. The incident may be deemed necessary to be shared with the Managing and/or Artistic Director.
  3. The incident is a violation of a Rose policy and will be referred to the HR Director.

Incident Report

  • You may choose to remain anonymous, but please keep in mind that this will prevent us from following up with you directly.
  • If you'd like a follow up, please leave an email or phone number for us to contact you.
  • Please consider including the following: sequence of events, personnel involved, reason incident occurred, actions taken, whether or not the incident was resolved and the impact the incident had on you. If you know the names of other witnesses who may wish to be contacted, please include them here.