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Naming a Wrong

We are sharing this article to amplify this clear naming of a wrong.

We are sharing this article to amplify this clear naming of a wrong.The Rose Theater acknowledges having been a participant in Arts Omaha and must be held accountable for the racial harm that was done by the group. We apologize for having remained in a group with others who do not share our values. This represents a failure over a significant amount of time to live up to our own values and to act upon them. Our intention to leave, but not having done so prior to today, is no excuse. In many ways, it makes the harm worse. While we advocated against the group policies named, we see very clearly that our continued participation in the group perpetuated and supported them. Our silence was wrong.

In the future, we will only align ourselves with unified arts organizations and initiatives that prioritize equity and justice. And we ask all members of the community to continue to question what we do and how we do it, and to hold us accountable to address white supremacy within our leadership and organization.





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