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Howard Dorough and cast perform Monsters in My Head in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY

Have you heard of The Bark-street Boys, I mean, Backstreet Boys? Well, The Rose Theater has brought in famed member Howie D for his brand-new, world premiere musical HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY! After a near 30 year hiatus from musical theater to perform with The Backstreet Boys, Howie D has written and produced an amazing new show for kids of all ages. Alongside Howie D, Tor Hyams and Lisa St. Lou, veteran writers and lyricists, helped bring this middle school musical to life. The story is based on Howie’s life as a middle school student and aspiring performer at Lakeview Prep Middle School. It has themes of social acceptance, growing up in a mixed family of Irish and Puerto Rican descent and discovering yourself in the world.

Howie Dorough in an 80s flashback number in the world premiere of HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY

As Howie begins to discover his passions, he has to deal with his older sister Pollyanna (Natalie Hanson) and her sidekicks (Shannon Duke & Lauren Krupski) overshadowing him constantly. She even has a belting solo at one point titled “Better” where she exclaims that she is better than EVERYONE at the school when it comes to vocals! He also has to deal with The Preps (Al Kroeten, Jay Hayden & Liam Brenzel) who relentlessly bully him. Luckily he has his teacher, Mrs. Schaefer (Theresa Sindelar) to give him encouragement and also provide comic relief! Howie not only has to deal with all these obstacles, but also has to go home to his father (Matthew Olsen) and mother (Cristina Maria Castro) who have mixed reactions to Howie’s desire to perform. 

Thankfully, Howie discovers The Pot Luck Players at school, comprised of Oba (Marcel Daly), Tommy (Jake Parker) and Lucy (Roni Shelley Perez). They encourage him to sing out and shine bright no matter how much you feel like the odds are against you. He ends up finding his voice and stepping out of the giant shadow cast by his sister.

HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY is a story that kids of today can all relate to. We all have to go through middle school. This inspiring show tells kids that they can accomplish ANYTHING as long as they set their mind to it and don’t let anyone tell them they can’t! For those coming specifically to see The Backstreet Boy in person, you won’t be disappointed! Howie D is a phenomenal soloist and he hasn’t lost a step as an actor, even after dedicating the last 30 years to singing on stage with his band. Get down to The Rose and see this show while you can! It is one you don’t want to miss. There are two more weekends of show, so call The Box Office at 402-345-4849 for tickets!

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Howie's dad (Matthew Olsen) has a serious conversation with Mom (Cristina María Castro) and Howie (Howard Dorough) in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY
Cristina María Castro and Matthew Olsen as Howie's parents in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY
Theresa Sindelar as teacher Mrs. Schaefer in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY
Natalie Hanson as Pollyanna with her sidekicks (Lauren Krupski and Shannon Duke) in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY
Jake Parker, Howard Dorough and Marcel Daly take a bow in HOWIE D: BACK IN THE DAY


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