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New Rose Education Facility continues to excite faculty

Since the announcement in June 2019, the Rose has been abuzz with excitement for the new Studios for Youth Artists. The building features 27,000 square feet, 7 spacious dance and creative drama studios, a 200 seat performance space for class sharings, and so much more!

Among the most excited, is Sue Booton, director of Broadway at The Rose, who spends many of her days and nights in our current studios, a mere 5,500 square feet, teaching students as young as age two taking their first class, up to our 18 year olds, who have been dancing for several years.

I can’t even decide what part is the most exciting! First and foremost, we are going to be able to accommodate more students, and offer more classes in dance, musical theater and drama. We have safer floors, which is better for dancers, extra space in the studios, and the space for students to relax together….it’s all so incredible and amazing.

~ Sue Booton on her excitement

All smiles (as she should be), Sue talked about how far Broadway at The Rose has come in the seven years she’s been here. “We’ve come so far. When I started seven years ago, we had 40 students, and one studio. Now, in our current studio, we unfortunately have had to turn kids away. We are at total capacity at 350 students, so it’s been huge growth, and we don’t plan to stop there.”

I asked Sue if the students were as excited as she was, and it’s unanimous that they are. “They are so excited. They ask me all the time, ‘what’s happening next? when can we see it?’ They can’t wait to be in there as well.”

Students love The Rose because it has hands-down the best teaching staff. The Rose is somewhere kids can come in as regular kids, and leave as skilled artists. It is a magical place.

As we look towards the summer, the entire Rose staff is brimming with excitement for the first full season of classes to begin. “It’s going to be extraordinary” said Sue, and we can’t help but agree.





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