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SPOT SAYS! A Review of Dragons Love Tacos!


TACOS TACOS TACOS TACOS TACOS!!! Who loves them?! Well, after this weekend my question was finally answered… DRAGONS LOVE TACOS! This hilarious paw-pounding story features Boy (Dana Pittman) and his dog LeRoy (Krysta Stock), who are bored and tired of doing homework. Eager to take a break, Boy flips on the tube and comes across the ever-so-suave TV personality , Man In Suit (Al Kroeten), who speaks of a 24-part documentary series featuring DRAGONS! Then, poof, Man In Suit appears to take Boy and Leroy on a wild journey to cook tacos, attend crazy taco dance parties and mingle with new, fire-breathing friends! Just don’t feed the dragons anything spicy!!

The dragons (Alisha Davis, Nadia Ra’Shaun Williams, Karl Houser and Matthew Kischer) each have their own personality, but have to do it all with physicality, since dragons can’t talk. They all do a tremendous job at making me hungry for tacos, even though all I have had lately is dog food… I need to alter my diet a bit, but I digress. This show is filled with fiery fun from start to finish, and I urge you to bring the entire family, as you will be dancing all night! Just prepare to go out for tacos after, because the props, designed by Devon Denn-Young, really bring the show to life and make a dog (or human) HUNGRY!

Director Denise Chapman had tons of fun with Dragons Love Tacos, as I had the pleasure of meeting her and she beamed with excitement over the hilarity and non-stop craziness of this show! The team of designers really brought their all and it shined bright! The set, designed by Jeff Stander, had to accommodate the plethora of movement throughout the show, because dragons tend to move around a lot! Movement Coordinator Ashley Laverty brought these beautiful creatures to life with dancing to accommodate Christy Hernandez’s sound design, which had tons of fun sound effects and party music! Costumes, created by Sherri Geerdes and Erin Bragg and lighting by Craig S. Moxon round off this fun-filled farce and show how much each designers contribution matters to the outcome of the performance!

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