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SPOT SAYS! A Review Of Winnie the Pooh!

Isn’t it funny how a bear likes hunny?! Well let me tell you, this show was as sweet as all the hunny pots in the world! Winnie the Pooh, a show great for all ages (even those counted in dog years), is now on stage at The Rose Theater! This performance of A.A. Milne’s classic tale of friendship, togetherness, overcoming obstacles and of course, hunny, is a feel good learning experience on what it means to be a true friend!

In the beginning, Pooh (Carina DuMarce) and his pal Piglet (Stephanie Jacobson), are roaming the Hundred Acre Wood when the rambunctious rascal, Rabbit (Brian Guehring) comes hopping in with a plan! This plan leads the friends on some frantic adventures where they meet Kanga and Roo (Kim Clark Kaczmarek and Anna Jordan), Owl (Brian Guehring), Eeyore (Kim Clark Kaczmarek) and Christopher Robin (Ann Jordan) too! Their quests include finding Eeyore’s tail, searching for a Heffalump, delivering a giant balloon and more! All these adventures are backed by the tigger-ific tunesmith, Adam Sherrerd, who plays several instruments that add humor and melody to every scene!

The scenic design by Lindsey Purvis accompanied by Sherri Geerdes’ costume design paid homage to the original books with simple cross-hatching and pastel colors that really brought the book to life on stage. The Hundred Acre Wood had depth and movement that Lighting Designer Elton Bradley and Sound Designer Christy Hernandez helped achieve. As always, The Rose design team came through with accuracy to the story accompanied by creativity and originality that always make their shows memorable.

Pooh and his friends would love to show you around the Hundred Acre Wood to sing along with them and find the true meaning of friendship and togetherness!

Get your tickets today by calling The Rose Theater at 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local.

Until next time,

Senior Reviewer Spot the Dog

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