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SPOT SAYS! A Review Of The Doll Maker's Gift

The Doll Maker’s Gift, a world premiere at The Rose Theater, opened last weekend to an audience who braved the February weather to come see this inspiring story. Nora (Maddie Smith) is an imaginative little girl who is living with her Jewish family facing the pogroms in the early 1900s. Her family, Rosa (Chloe Irwin), Mama (Abby Gerdts) and Papa (Steve Hydeen), have to overcome the oppression that is facing them and thousands of others in this harsh time. They are forced to flee, but soon find they don’t have the funds to gain paw-ssage to America. They confide in a kind doll maker named Zalushka (Patrick Wolfe) who cares for Nora while her family searches for their way out. This historical story gives an insight into one of the most sinister times in recent history. 

Director Fran Sillau has spent years bringing this story to life, along with the help of several important producers. He poured his heart and soul into this production, and it shows on stage. Jerry Brabec leads a talented orchestra beside Orchestrator Makulumy Alexander-Hills and Choreographer Sue Gillespie Booton. The scene was set by Jamie Bullins, Craig Moxon and Christy Hernandez, giving this a true look of a Russian Jewish community in the 1900s. Erin Bragg completed this all with costume, hair and makeup design, when combined with everything else on stage, brought this story to life in a historically accurate way.

The production team at The Rose always steps up for world premiere shows, and this was no exception. The transitions were seamless, the set was beautifully built and everything ran as smooth as I do on my daily walk. 

I am excited for the future of The Rose Theater, as it seems they are doing more shows about social change and times in history that are necessary stories to tell. Don’t miss The Doll Maker’s Gift, it will give you a new perspective on history.

Get your tickets today by calling The Rose Theater at 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local.

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