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SPOT SAYS! A Review of Curious George & The Golden Meatball

No one can sing, dance and monkey around better than Curious George! Luckily, George (Anna Jordan) and The Man in the Yellow Hat (J. Isaiah Smith) have stopped by The Rose Theater to spread some monkey business! George helps create meatballs for Chef Pisghetti’s (Aaron Mann) “All You Can Eat Meatball Day” but soon realizes that there aren’t any customers in Chef’s restaurant! They are all getting their meatballs from Phinneas T. Lightspeed (Alphonse Kroeten,) the creator of the super fast meatball making machine, The Meatball-O-Matic 9000!  These meatballs may come out fast, but they certainly are not made with love. Chef Pisghetti tells George he will never make another “meat’aball” as long as he lives! However, George gets the idea to enter Chef Pisghetti in the Golden Meatball Competition in Rome, Italy! Madness ensues and George and his friends go on the adventure of a lifetime!

The cast is rounded out by wonky characters, such as Chef Netti (Jessica Burrill-Logue,) Chef O’Malley (Kim Clark-Kaczmarek,) and the incomparable Frankie Sidecar (Michael Miller.) The design and production teams did a barkerific job bringing this tale to life, under the direction of Stephanie Jacobson!

I could truly tell that each one of the actors in this show loved what they were doing. Their passion shined through each role and brought smiles to each and every child in the audience. Everything about Curious George embodies happiness, laughter and friendship. I laughed my paws off and sang along with glee as George showed everyone that all you need is a little bit of love!

Get your tickets for Curious George & The Golden Meatball today! You don’t want to miss this one! From a canine to a primate, I am saying this show gets 10 bananas up! Trust me, bananas are one of my favorite snacks to eat while I am writing!

For tickets, visit the-rose.local or call the friendly Rose Box Office at 402-345-4849! Go, Monkey, Go!

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