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SPOT SAYS! A Review For Wonderland: Alice's Rock & Roll Adventure

When you step into Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure at The Rose Theater, you will be mesmerized by the lights and projections and enthralled by the classic story. However, this time Alice’s is having an adventure that really ROCKS! Alice steals the show with her bow-wow-wowerful voice and her convincing acting. She feels that her life is boring for a seven-and-a-half-year-old, so she wishes for something amazing to happen to her. Shortly after, a White Rabbit (Dan Chevalier) shows up and leads her into WONDERLAND!!

Alice goes on a stellar adventure of self-discovery for the first time ever, meeting characters like Caterpillar (Kabin Thomas,) Cheshire Cat (Doran Schmidt,) who I really wanted to growl at but I held my tongue because she kept smiling at me, and The Mad Hatter (Mallory Freilich) and the band of wild wacky wanderers. The Queen of Hearts (Krysta Stock) was really the only character who scared me out of my paws.With so many classic characters and a fresh spin on this tall tale, Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure is one your family won’t want to miss!

The most captivating part of this show has to be the projections, designed by Brittany Merenda, and the lighting, designed by Craig S. Moxon. They complimented the direction of Justin Perez and the music direction of Doran Schmidt and created a rock n’ roll atmosphere like I have never seen before. The scenic design, designed by Adam Rowe and produced under the technical direction of Greg Rishoi, presented an amazing set with a mirror structure the size of a skyscraper! Well, everything looks like a skyscraper to a little chihuahua like me, but my human counterparts also said it was huge!

This has to be one of my favorite shows at The Rose Theater, from the music, to the lights and projections and the classic story of jumping down the rabbit hole and traveling through a magical land. I am so excited to see the show again and rock out!

For tickets to Wonderland: Alice’s Rock & Roll Adventure, call The Rose Box Office at 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local for more details! Keep your eye out for The Jabberwocky!

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