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SPOT SAYS! A Review for Van Gogh & Me

The story of Vincent Van Gogh was brought to the stage in a mesmerizing fashion at The Rose Theater! If you are looking to find something for older children who need a more intense story that addresses bullying, mental health and the beauty and inspiration that is Van Gogh’s paintings. A young girl named Adeline (Anna Jordan) is stuck in a tough situation, with a family (Nils Haaland and Stephanie Jacobson) that has a newborn and having to constantly help out at the family-owned inn.  When Vincent Van Gogh (Ezra Colón) arrives, her life changes forever. Two youngsters, Rene Secretan (Robby Stone) and Cecile Demey (Mallory Freilich), find Van Gogh outlandish and unwelcome in their town. They take it upon themselves to bully and torture him and ask Adeline to tag along. Not to mention the wiley Martinez de Valdevielse (Tyrone Beasley), who thinks Van Gogh’s art is something a child could create.  Luckily, that unique feel is how young Adeline finds peace through Van Gogh’s painting. She is shown that life can be balanced if you just stop and see the beauty in it!

Let me bark about the projections for a moment… Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! I couldn’t believe what Brittany Merenda did with Van Gogh’s paintings, creating a larger-than-life stage presence with “Starry Night” among others. It was truly inspiring and gorgeous. Pair that with the scenic design of Jeff Stander and the lighting design of Craig S. Moxon, and you have a masterpiece. Accompanied by the lovely costuming of Erin Bragg, which set the tone for a beautiful script written by Matthew Gutschick, The Rose’s Artistic director.

I truly could not have asked for a better show to see on my Friday night, however, it is meant for slightly older children, ten years and older, so keep that in mind when purchasing tickets. If you are wanting to teach your children about the effects of bullying and the consequences of your actions, this is the show for you and your family.  Truly a work of art by everyone involved.

For tickets to Van Gogh & Me, call The Box Office at 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local for more details!

Now i’m off to bark at the stars!

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