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Show Guide: Madagascar: A Musical Adventure

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It’s almost time to head to mysterious Madagascar for our next production, Madagascar: A Musical Adventure, a stage musical based on the favorite Dreamworks animated film! We’ve assembled some special information to help you and your family to get ready for the upcoming performance. Before you go to the show, you might want to take a few
moments to review this “Know Before You Go” Guide so everyone will know what to expect from the performance!



The Story You Will See

Alex the Lion and his friends — Gloria the Hippo, Melman the Giraffe, and Marty the Zebra — have a pretty sweet life in the Central Park Zoo in New York City where the zookeepers provide for most of their needs and they are beloved animal icons appreciated by an adoring public. But when Marty starts to long for a life that is “wild and free” and ventures out of the zoo, his friends go searching for him in the city. After a misadventure in the NYC subway and a run in with the police, they themselves crated up and being shipped to Africa! A group of
crafty penguins (also runaways from the Central Park Zoo) take over the freighter and Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman are thrown overboard and wash up on the shores of Madagascar. They meet the boisterous leader of the lemurs, King Julien, who hatches a plan for the “New York Giants” to step in to protect the lemurs from their predator enemies, the foosa! But Alex is hungry and not getting along with Marty who loves life on the island. Will the friends from the Central Park Zoo ever find their way back home and if they do will their friendships be irreparably damaged by this adventure in the wild? And where did those crazy penguins end up, anyway? You’ll definitely have to “Move it! Move it!” to stay on top of this twisty tale and find out!

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Oct 6-22 | Best for ages 5+ | 75 minutes without an intermission
The Characters You Will Meet
  • ALEX (THE LION)—the “King of New York City” and the star attraction at the Central Park Zoo. Alex is a natural-born showman who really only knows a life in the zoo.
  • MARTY (THE ZEBRA)—Alex’s best friend who wonders what life would be like if he was wild and free” instead of living in the zoo. On his birthday Marty decides he needs a to get out of the zoo and return to nature.
    one of Alex and Marty’s neighbors and good friends and the “third largest land animal on earth!” Gloria tries to keep the piece and calm in her circle of friends.
  • MELVIN (THE GIRAFFE)—another of Alex, Marty, and Gloria’s zoo neighbors and friends. Melvin is a
    bit of a hypochondriac who is always worried and suffering from some sort of malady.
  • MASON (THE MONKEY)—a rather erudite primate gentleman who does not take kindly to inaccurate stereotypes of his species
  • ZELDA & ZEKE—zookeepers at the Central Park Zoo in New York City
  • KING JULIEN—the somewhat conceited but charismatic leader of the
    lemurs on Madagascar. When King Julien meets the animals from the Central Park Zoo he thinks he made have found a solution to the lemurs’ predator problem.
  • MAURICE, MORT and THE LEMURS—the furry friends that are part of King Julien’s animal tribe on Madagascar.
  • THE PENGUINS (Skipper, Kowalski, Private & Rico)—fellow inhabitants (and a semi-organized troop of escape artists) from the Central Park Zoo who break out at the same time as Alex and his animal friends.
  • THE FOSSAS—predatory cat-like beasts who are a constant threat to the lemurs on the island of Madagascar.

Know Before You Go
Here are some things your family might like to “Know Before You Go”:
  • The story of Madagascar – A Musical Adventure hinges on the relationship between predator animals and the prey animals that they eat in the “circle of life” in the wild. The zoo animals who are friends are suddenly forced to think about this relationship when they are out of the safe world of the zoo. While there are certainly no violent “National Geographic Animal Documentary” reality moments on stage, some young audience members may be trouble by
    the notion of friends wanting to eat other freinds.
  • There are a few, mostly comedic, moments of animals in jeopardy during the story. No animals are harmed in a significant way, but children who are very sensitive about animals might feel a bit anxious at points.
  • During the story, the Penguin behave a bit selfishly sometimes abandoning their zoo neighbors and putting their own interests and needs
    before others. They are very funny characters but may not offer the best examples of being good animal citizens.
  • King Julien the Lemur is a rather anarchic leader who doesn’t always use the nicest words when addressing his followers and animal guests. His words are usually humorous, but he isn’t very sensitive and sometimes indulges in some name-calling.

From Story to Stage

  • Madagascar: A Musical Adventure is based on the first movie in a very popular animated film series from Dreamworks. Three films about the Central Park Zoo characters have been released as well as a separate film about the Penguins of Madagascar. There have also been several television and holiday specials based on the
  • Kevin Del Aguila, who wrote the book for Madagascar: A Musical Adventure is an acclaimed actor, writer and director in New York City. He has written several stage adaptations for young people including Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Click Clack Moo, Skippyjon Jones, and The Velveteen Rabbit. Kevin has written for children’s television programs on Nick Jr, Disney Jr, Amazon and PBS Kids, and he is a two-time Emmy Award-winning writer of the PBS show Peg + Cat.
  • George Noriega is a Grammy-winning, Emmy Nominated
    American songwriter and record producer. Noriega came to prominence in the late 1990s as he helped Latin artists such as
    Ricky Martin, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez cross over into the English pop music market. Noriega works with Joel Someillan as part of the production and writing team known as Jollipop Entertainment. Jollipop is a children’s entertainment production company, which has developed music for “Dora the Explorer” and “Go Diego Go” as well as many other projects for Nickelodeon TV and Film and Broadway Across America.

Public parking is available in the Douglas County parking garage at 1910 Harney Street (19th & Harney Streets). During mainstage performances at The
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Parking meters adjacent to The Rose Theater are active from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The cost is $1.25 per hour. Metered parking spots are free on Sundays and holidays. Many of the parking meters around the theater are connected to the Park Omaha app, available as a free
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in the Wells Fargo parking lot on Farnam Street.

While at The Rose
Join Our Post-Performance Q&A Session!
A few minutes after the performance, our actors will conduct a Question & Answer session from the stage. It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the scenery, costumes, special effects, and other aspects of the production. The actors may even have a question or two for you about the story.

Meet the Cast & Get an Autograph!
Some performers will be available after the show to say hello, pose in pictures, and sign their
autographs for you. You can meet them on the mezzanine level right outside the entrance to our balcony level seats.

Take Home a Souvenir!
The Rose Guild presents a souvenir stand before and after each performance offering a variety of fun and inexpensive show-related mementos. The proceeds help to support the great education programs at The Rose Theater!

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Wait, There’s More!

Grab a Theater Class Brochure!

If you like what you saw on the stage and think you’d like to be a part of it, try taking a theater class here at The Rose Theater. We offer a wide range of arts classes for every interest and experience level.

Please visit our website to read director’s notes and view production photos.

Box Office Assistance

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