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SPOT SAYS! A Review for Babe The Sheep Pig

Carnival games. Bag toss. Music. Excitement! That sums up my experiece of Babe The Sheep Pig at The Rose Theater! The story that melts my heart and leaves me howling for more hit the stage this weekend, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. They even let me get on stage before the show and play games with the cast, and did I mention I also got to sit ON STAGE for the entire performance?! Babe, played by Mallory Vallier, was a perfect fit for the role, oinking her way to becoming the world renowned sheep pig. Old Farmer Hogget (Robby Stone) figured out that Babe had a very special, very polite talent and this pig might just be one of a kind. Vallier had to wrangle up some very versitile sheep, being played by Chloe Langford, Kim Clark-Kaczmarek and Jessica Burrill-Logue, along with the ever careful Maaaaaa, also known as JJ Davis. The cast was rounded out with talented actors Miriam Gutierrez, Robyn Helwig and Hayley Greenstreet.

The highlight of this show, however, was the music, played by Adam Sherrerd. He dazzled my little puppy dog ears with fast paced bluegrass and melted my heart with beautiful keyboard melodies. By far my favorite musical bit was when we get to hear the hip-hop sheep spit their rhymes on the mic! The most impressive part is that Adam composed all this music himself!

Sherri Geerdes brought the characters to life with her beautiful costume work, and Erin Bragg worked her magic on the makeup, giving all the characters a genuine animalistic feel, especially the sheep! I got to be up close since I sat on stage and I honestly felt like I was on Hogget’s farm, thanks in large part to Chris Rhoton’s scenic design! If Hogget ever needs a sheep-chihuahua, I’m there! I would just need a few lessons from the best sheep pig out there, Babe.

This show is truly unique, and the fact that I was up on stage for all the action made it that much better. Don’t hesitate to get your tickets to Babe The Sheep Pig today, you will be happy you did! I think I might go a second time just to win at that ring toss game before the show, I didn’t make any the first time around!

For tickets, call The Box Office at 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local.

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