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SPOT SAYS! A Review for Prancer!

Dasher, Dancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph… Am I missing one? Oh yes, PRANCER!!  This holiday season, get your reindeer fix by coming to the World Premiere of Prancer at The Rose Theater!  In this touching story of friendship and compassion, Jessica Riggs (Chloe Irwin) comes across an injured reindeer which she believes is Prancer.  The Puppeteers, Caulene Hudson, Shannon Wade and Anna Jordan, bring to life a beautiful beast in a way that no other theater could replicate.  Jessica’s father John (Nils Haaland) knows that Jessica is up to her usual antics and eventually determines that she has disobeyed his orders yet again.  However, Jessica’s Christmas spirit will not be thwarted by any of the naysayers.

The cast is phenomenal and highlighted by some funny banter between children and intellectual conversations between Jessica and her family members.  Matthew Gutschick directed Greg Taylor’s show to paw-fection and brought this winter wonderland to the stage with ease. i-9xc3bxr-x2

There are many surprises throughout the show that will leave audiences speechless and full of holiday joy.  One thing that was not surprising was the gorgeous snowy set design and holiday lighting, designed by Adam Rowe and Craig S. Moxon, respectively.  From the foggy wilderness to the Riggs’ house, the snowy ambience was breathtaking.  The entire crew deserves a round of applause for their efforts in bringing a touching story to life.

The costumes, designed by Sherri Geerdes, were simple yet intricate, using big winter coats and lively colors to achieve bursts of energy in any form on stage.  A true compliment to Erik Novak’s puppet design, the costumes, the set, the music, everything was purrrrfect… Wait, I am not a cat, sometimes I forget.

I would rate this show a 10/10 and give it 5 stars and 2 paws up.  Can I be any more clear?! Prancer is the show to see this holiday, so see it while you can!  The show runs from November 25 to December 18, 2016.  If you are looking for a great night out with your family, don’t hesitate to settle in and enjoy this snowy masterpiece.


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