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Spot Says! A Review for The Jungle Book!

What do you get when you cross a wide eyed man-cub with an evil tiger and some lovable jungle friends?  THE JUNGLE BOOK!  This classic story was told brilliantly on The Rose’s beautiful stage.  Mowgli (Aaron Ellis) was raised by wolves to become a part of the jungle, though he would have been better off being raised by Chihuahua’s…. But that is just one dog’s opinion!  His arch enemy Shere Khan (Jonathan Smith) is determined to capture the man-cub at any cost, but he faces obstacles with each effort.  Along the way Mowgli finds himself growing up thanks to the help of newfound friends Baloo (Kevin Ehrhart) and Bagheera (Joshua Lloyd Parker) and even Kaa (Stephanie Jacobson) who take him him under their paws (and scales) and show him the laws of the jungle.  The cast is rounded out with Autumn Simpson and Madison Hoge, who play a wide assortment of pivital roles.i-gzmmkpc-l

I had a barking good time watching young Mowgli grow up throughout the show.  The high-rise set was designed for the actors to climb and jump around on, and it truly did not disap-paw-nt.  Mowgli went from swimming to climbing to hiding, all within this gorgeous set.  Christopher Dills’ design was constructed with care, and it made me want to go for a walk on it… But I know I shouldn’t, because the jungle truly terrifies me.  Wait, what’s that?  That wasn’t a real jungle?!  Well, in that case, bravo to all involved on this design and construction, truly an A+!

The costumes were unique, yet still left each actor with the look of an animal, but the energy of a human, my favorite costumes were the monkeys, with their bright orange fur and comedic banter that left me rolling!  On top of that, the person beside me gave me a belly rub while I was laughing, what a win-win situation!

Overall I would have to give this show a 10/10!  I did try to get up on stage and join the wolf-pack, but Mother Wolf told me I had to wait until the show was over, then I could come join and even get an autograph from some of the actors!  The Jungle Book will hit The Rose stage from October 28 – November 13, and tickets are available NOW!  Call The Box Office t 402-345-4849 or visit the-rose.local to purchase your tickets and visit the jungle, but keep your red flower handy, because you never know when Shere Khan might be hungry!

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