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New (School) Year Resolutions

Happy New Year!

What? You don’t consider the Fourth of July the start of the new year? Even if you didn’t do a New Year’s countdown along with your fireworks, if you look at the stores, the commercials, the newspaper inserts, there can be no doubt about it — the start of a new school year is right around the corner. And with the new school year comes a very exciting time for us here at The Rose: the beginning of a new year of classes! Our new slate of classes is now open for registration, so now is the PERFECT time to start making plans for the new year.

So, while it might not be January 1, we encourage everyone to make a few resolutions. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Try something new! It might be a new dance class in a genre you haven’t explored before or experimenting in one of the many DRAMA at The Rose options, but it is always exciting to stretch your imagination and your skills with something completely new.
  • Audition! Whether you want to try out for our Transcendtrix Dance Lab competition team, show off your triple threat skills in Rose Brigade, participate in a work devised completely by you and your friends in a Teens ‘N’ Theater production or step into the spotlight in a mainstage production, we encourage you to just GO FOR IT! You never know just what might happen when you put yourself out there and TRY!
  • Go one step beyond! Have you always taken the after school drama classes, but have stopped short of doing a production class? Participated in group voice, but haven’t dared to venture into a private voice class? Wondered what more an acting technique class might offer beyond the classes you have already taken? Take the plunge! The Rose offers a wide variety of classes that introduce students in a safe, friendly environment, led by working professionals. We know you’ll have a great time (and probably learn a few things at the same time.)
  • Be in a show! Many of our classes culminate in a production. Taking your first few steps on the stage? Try the Alice in Wonderland Production Class, which will put a full-fledged student show on our smaller Hitchcock Stage, or any of our DRAMA at The Rose production classes, the highlight of which is a spring production with costumes, props and lights, performed alongside your fellow students on The Rose mainstage and Hitchcock stage. Have you always dreamed of performing on The Rose’s mainstage? Check out any of our dance classes or musical theater classes, all of which end the year with a full performance on stage, complete with lights, costumes and more. Want to travel to California and strut your stuff in front of industry professionals? Then you should absolutely audition for The Rose Brigade!

The opportunities at The Rose are truly endless! You can take a look at all the things The Rose has to offer students this fall with this handy tool that will help you find the perfect class, based on your age and interests. We can’t wait to see where this  year will take you!


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