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Spot Says! A Review for The Rose's Production of Disney's The Little Mermaid

Disney’s The Little Mermaid made a HUGE splash when it premiered on stage at The Rose Theater!  Torisa Walker plays Ariel in a stunning rendition of the classic Disney film.  Her voice is paw-fect in every way and she sent chills down my tail as I soaked in “Part of Your World.”  Marcel Daly as Prince Eric was also quite enthralling in his attempt to woo the newly two legged Ariel.

It turns out that Ariel has to make a daunting trade in order to gain her human legs, but she is willing to go to any extent in order to make it happen.  Her estranged Aunt Ursula (Heather Wilhelm) plays a terrifying evil witch with powers that make her seem genuine to Ariel.  I had to hold on to my squeaky toy for moral support during some of her scenes.  Her brother and Ariel’s Father, King Triton (Joe Dignoti), has to help his daughter get out of the mess she has created once he finds out what Ursula has done.

Projection design by Brittany Merenda

Will Ariel find her way to the shore?  Will Scuttle (Bill Grennan) find any more interesting human tools?  You can find out by swimming by The Rose Theater and catching their production of Disney’s The Little Mermaid which plays every weekend until June 26th!

The costumes, designed by Sherri Geerdes, and the projections, designed by Brittany Merenda, also added a
paw-nch to the production.  The mermaid fins gleamed in the light and Chef Louis (John E. Jones) came off as a chef who was “crabby” in his own way, or maybe just because Sebastian (Camellia Yvonne Watkins) got into the kitchen and caused a ruckus.  The projections were nothing short of amazing, adding that extra depth to an already amazing show.  When Ariel transforms, its as if she is twisting through a tornado of light, and that effect would not have been possible without the magical projections.

If I had to describe this production using one word, that word would be “Encore!”  I wanted to see more when the show was over.  I wanted to know what happened next.  The whole show was incredible.  I truly felt as if I was “Under the Sea” with the entire cast and everyone in the audience.  The music was paw-fect, the acting was paw-mazing and the orchestra was paw-nomenal.  

I give this show 5 stars and I might even come see it again!

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