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Spot Says! A Review for Elephant & Piggie's We Are In A Play: The Musical

Trumpets, Guitars, and Rose Theater Stars!  Elephant & Piggie’s We Are In A Play was a musical “treat!”  The lively music had me tapping my paws for the entire show, with fast-paced songs like “Ice Cream Hero” and “We’re In A Play.”

This story is a testament to true friendship, and a dog-gone good one at that!  Gerald (played by Will Nash Broyles) does a fantastic job of portraying the happy-go-lucky (but sometimes skeptical) elephant with glasses.  His best friend Piggie (Olivia Jones) also accompanies his musical talent with a beautiful upbeat singing voice and some trumpet playing that had me howling with joy.  The two best friends do everything together, including playing instruments, dancing and singing!


Their friends, The Squirrelles (Ann Stergiou, Katy Kepler and Joshua Lloyd Parker) invite Gerald and Piggie to a paw-some party to dance and have the time of their lives.  Lucky for them, Gerald is a party expert and he helps Piggie get ready.  Along the way, their friendship is tested but remains strong, which reminded me of my friendship with my best pal Ralphie the Great Dane.

Woof! Bark! Bark! Sorry, I got distracted by a bird.

The costumes for this show were nothing short of pupperific!  Erin Bragg, under the direction of Sherri Geerdes, did a tremendous job designing these costumes and bringing them to life.  She pulled many of the costumes from The Rose Theater’s Costume Shop, located internally!  There were sparkles, elephant ears, pig tails and enough costume changes to keep each scene exciting!  I had never seen an elephant in real life, especially one with super cool glasses.

The set was vivid and had a plethora of new pieces coming in and out.  When I walked in, there was Elephant and Piggie painted on a HUGE canvas, it was truly a sight for sore puppy eyes.

This show, directed by Michael Miller, was ChihuahuAMAZING!  My attention was never drawn away from the stage and the musical talents of the actors was pleasing to my ears. I give it two paws up and recommend the show for kids ages 4 and up!  Elephant & Piggie made me want Gerald to be my Ice Cream Hero too.  Mmmmmm, Ice Cream.

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