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I want to be on that stage

A group of students pose dramatically with their arms up as they sing in a rehearsal space while a music director at the piano watches them in the foreground.

We know just how this person feels.

I want to be on that stage.

I want to enter and exit a theater by the stage door. I want to check in on a call board. I want all day rehearsals six days a week. I want choreo that leaves me physically sore. I want to sing ballads that leave both me and the audience emotionally drained.

I want to do eight shows a week an practically live out of my dressing room. I want to Instagram “#sip”s and tweet inside jokes with my cast mates. I want to fall into bed at night completely exhausted and wake up and do it all over again in the morning.

I do not care if I am a chorus part with no lines whatsoever. I do not care if I am a swing and play a different role every night. I do not care if I am a stand-by and sit in the dressing room all night, unneeded. I do not need to have a supporting role. I do not need to be the lead.

I. Just. Want. To. Be. On. That. Stage.

~Author Unknown

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