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Rose Touring Shows

For questions or to book
a Rose touring show,
contact Lindy Glenn at
(402) 345-4849 or

For Early Childhood Inquiries
(Additioal PreK workshops titles
and Original PreK shows),
please contact Stephanie Jacobson

Rose Touring Shows

2023-24 Information on Field Trips, Touring Shows & Workshops

The Mysterious Case Files of Silver Cash, Money Detective

Available Sept. – Dec.
3rd – 6th Grade
TIME: 60 minutes (approx.)
COST: $500 per show

The Mysterious Case Files of Silver Cash, Money Detective introduces the audience to Silver Cash, a fifth grade detective who solves kids’ money problems. In the first case, Sammy hires the detective to help her get more money out of her parents for the video game she wants. In the second case, the detective is hired to discover who stole the savings of a fourth grader. In the final case, Silver Cash has to take on the most important client of all as Silver tries to save money to upgrade his agency.

The Mysterious Case Files of Silver Cash, Money Detective is a Theatre In Education (TIE) play. Theatre In Education combines theatrical elements with interactive moments in which audience participants work with actor-teachers toward an educational or social goal, using tools of theatre in service of this goal. This production (and any accompanying post-show workshops and study guides) will educate students about jobs and earning money, the importance of budgeting, how to save money, the difference between needs and wants, and comparison shopping.   

This play was written by Rose Playwright-in-Residence Brian Guehring.

THEMES: Financial Literacy, Earning Money, Budgeting, Comparison Shopping, Needs Vs Wants
STATE STANDARDS FOR: Identifying story structure and elements of fiction, developing active listening, mathematics operations, problem solving, mathematics application

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Stop and Go

Available beginning Sept. 2023
PreK – 1st Grade
TIME: 30 minutes (approx.)
COST: $150 per performance. $50 for each additional performance (Max 3 a day)
Available pre/post workshop to accompany the performance on a separate day.

This one actor play / puppet show includes songs, movement, sign
language and dances for the young audience members to participate
along with the trained actor / teaching artist.

THEMES: Listening, reading, following directions, and leadership
Standard (LL.03): Demonstrates knowledge of phonological awareness
• Shows enjoyment of rhymes and alliteration
• Listens to two words and determines whether or not they rhyme
• Notices that several words or names begin with the same sound
• Identifies when initial sounds in words are the same
(e.g., pumpkin, puppet)
• Distinguishes individual words in a sentence
Standard (LL.04): Demonstrates interest in and appreciation of
reading-related activities
• Relates events in story to own knowledge and experience
• Understands that print carries meaning

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Digital Shows

Bring The Rose to your school with a digital performance. The following productions are available for on-demand streaming:


Little Cub Goes to School

Little Cub Goes to School is a shadow puppet play created with young people to develop self-awareness and self-management skills to achieve school success. Preschool students can watch this 12-minute production at home with families or in the classroom. After you watch the play, a teaching artist will facilitate a workshop diving deeper into the themes of the play.

Pre-K – 2nd Grade
Video and Accompanied LIVE in classroom Creative Drama Workshop (Synchronous digital workshop)
COST: $75 per show
Themes — Initiative & Curiosity – Standard (AL.01): alters behavior with verbal reminder or nonverbal signal from adult; accepts suggestions from other children during play
State Standards — Cooperation and Prosocial Behavior – Standard (SE.03): develops foundational skills to support cooperation and prosocial behavior; recognizes how actions affect others and accepts consequences for own actions; engages in cooperative group play

TwoWolvesThumbnailTwo Wolves:
Kindness Begins with Us

With integrated pre- and post-show activities during each taped interaction, students will be able to actively explore the settings, characters and themes of the show through creative drama and multimodal forms of learning and artistic expression. The drama is centered around the themes of friendship, naming feelings, expressing feelings, acts of kindness and wolves. Each episode is approximately 25 minutes.

Pre-K – 2nd Grade
3 Taped Performance Episodes of their new (TVY) play
(Asynchronous digital workshop)
COST: $150 per show
State Standards — Retelling information from narrative text; Making connections between characters or events in narrative and informational text, to own life or other cultures; describing how people’s actions affect others