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The Little Engine to arrive at The Rose Theater Station again this year, with the same director driving the train.

Some of you may have seen or heard Stephanie’s name around The Rose, specifically in regards to shows that she has directed including George and Martha, Charlotte’s Web and The Rose’s world premiere of The Grocer’s Goblin and The Little Mermaid, The Misfits and of course, The Little Engine that Could among others. She has also appeared in several mainstage shows at The Rose as an actress in shows like Frog & Toad, Ivy & Bean, Honk!, or Winnie the Pooh and she teaches classes at The Rose too!

Stephanie will again be directing The Little Engine that Could for the 2019-2020 season. This February the show will again be at The Rose’s Hitchcock Theater, a space on the 4th floor, made for young audiences to have a more intimate show experience.

The story of  The Little Engine That Could is such an honor to tell because I loved that story growing up and my son lived and breathed trains until he was six year old.  I have spent a lot of time around trains with this story in particular.   Not only that, but the message in this book and in Matt’s play are so beautiful- working together and taking a chance, even when you are nervous you might not succeed, it is important to try your best anyway.

Stephanie on directing The Little Engine that Could

Stephanie is proud of the show that premiered last season, but like many artists, is excited to find ways to make the show even better. “You always learn something from creating a show. I am so excited to roll into a second production of this story, with all the successes that we found last year. We also learned a few things, and this is a great opportunity to grow from those observation both in stages and with design. “

With rehearsals just beginning, we are all excited to see what this new installment of The Little Engine that Could will bring. With Jacobson leading the way, we know it will be a joyful experience for everyone who attends.

We have the important task of sharing this story with grandparents and grandchildren, first time theater goers, students whose only opportunity to experience this art form is on a field trip with school, and future theater artists. I take on this challenge with great joy, commitment, and a collaborative spirit.

Stephanie Jacobson on directing at The Rose





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